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Journal of Case Reports
Acute Filarial Lymphangitis Presenting with Acute Abdominal Pain
Lalith Kumar Kanthala1, Samarasimha Reddy2, Samarjit Singh Ghuman3, Atul Kakar2, S Nundy1
Departments of 1Surgical Gastroenterology, 2General Medicine, 3Radiology; Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi -110060, India.
Corresponding Author:
Dr. Atul Kakar
Email: atulkakar@hotmail.com
Received: 25-OCT-2019 Accepted: 08-JAN-2020 Published Online: 15-FEB-2020
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17659/01.2020.0009
Background: Filariasis usually presents as a hydrocoele, lymphoedema, chyluria or a groin lymphadenovarix due to lymphatic obstruction. Atypical presentation of lymphatic filariasis is not common even in endemic areas. We report an unusual presentation of acute filariasis in a patient who had features of peritonitis. Case Report: A 35 year old male from an endemic area for filariasis in India presented with acute lower abdominal pain, distension and scrotal swelling associated with intermittent high-grade fever and non-bilious vomiting. The contrast enhanced computed tomography of abdomen raised the suspiction of a disease involving the lymphatic system. Microfilarial larvae were detected in his peripheral blood smear. He improved with diethylcarbamazine and doxycycline. Conclusion: Surgeons should be aware of the rare and medically treatable causes of acute abdomen like filariasis to avoid the unnecessary surgical intervention. Careful screening of the patients through clinical, laboratory and imaging is of extreme importance to clear the diagnostic dilemma in such cases.
Keywords : Acute Abdomen, Lymphatic System, Microfilariae, Peritonitis, Testicular Hydrocele.
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