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Journal of Case Reports
Amyand’s Hernia: A Single Centre Experience
F Ftaieh, O Shams, MA Gok, MM Sadat, UA Khan
East Cheshire NHS Trust, Macclesfield District General Hospital, Macclesfield, United Kingdom.
Corresponding Author:
Dr MA Gok
Email: muhammed.gok@nhs.net
Received: 03-AUG-2020 Accepted: 19-DEC-2020 Published Online: 25-FEB-2021
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17659/01.2021.0011
Background: Amyand’s hernia is an inguinal hernia which may contain caecum, bladder, ovary, fallopian tube, omentum, Meckel’s diverticulum or vermiform appendix incarcerated within the hernia sac. Normal appendix lodged within an Amyand’s hernia occurs in 1%, whereas appendicitis within the hernia sac occurs in 0.1%. Its presentation can be quite variable and pre-operative diagnosis is difficult. Case Report: This is a case study of two Amyand’s hernias, initial presentation and subsequent emergency management. Both patients presented with appendicitis and a tender right inguinal hernia. Laparoscopic appendicectomy was carried out on the initial admission, and laparoscopic mesh repair of Amyand’s hernia was deferred. Conclusion: Pre-operative clinical diagnosis is difficult but aided by ultrasound or computerised tomography scan. The presence of appendicitis requires appendicectomy. Repair of Amyand’s hernia should be deferred, where laparoscopic mesh repair can be offered without the risk of mesh infection.
Keywords : Appendicitis, Appendix, Inguinal Hernia, Laparoscopy, Surgical Mesh, Urinary Bladder.
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