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Journal of Case Reports
Agenesis of the Dorsal Pancreas
Varun Manoharan1,2,3, Minoli Vinoda Abeysekera1,2,4, Emily Hibbert1,2
1Department of Endocrinology, Nepean Hospital, Penrith, NSW, Australia; 2Nepean Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney, NSW; 3South Western Sydney Clinical School, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW; 4Griffith Medical School, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland.
Corresponding Author:
Dr Varun Manoharan
Email: manoharan.varun@hotmail.com
Received: 02-NOV-2020 Accepted: 01-MAY-2021 Published Online: 05-JUN-2021
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17659/01.2021.0031
Background: Agenesis of the dorsal pancreas (ADP) is a rare entity, which is often diagnosed incidentally on abdominal imaging. It can present with abdominal pain or with symptoms of exocrine and endocrine deficiency. Approximately half of patients with ADP will have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, and up to half of them will require insulin therapy. Case Report: Abdominal CT in a 39-year-old man with antibody negative type 1 diabetes and chronic abdominal pain revealed dorsal pancreatic agenesis without any focal pancreatic lesions or evidence of pancreatitis. An MRCP showed normal hepatobiliary anatomy. He was replete for fat soluble vitamins. Investigations at the time of diabetes diagnosis demonstrated relative insulin deficiency. Conclusion: The case highlights that ADP is a rare cause of abdominal pain, which is often diagnosed incidentally on abdominal imaging. 
Keywords : Abdominal Pain; Diabetes Mellitus; Insulin; Pancreas Agenesis; Vitamins.
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