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Journal of Case Reports
An Unusual Differential Diagnosis of Neck Swelling: Parathyroid Cyst
Kanu Kapoor, Imad Ali, Rajesh Agarwal, T.K. Thusoo, Anshuman Kaushal
Department of General Surgery, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, Haryana, India.
Corresponding Author:
Dr Kanu Kapoor
Email: kanu.kapoor21@gmail.com
Received: 17-JUL-2020 Accepted: 04-FEB-2021 Published Online: 15-APR-2021
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17659/01.2021.0021
Background: Differential diagnosis of cystic mass in the neck include thyroid cyst, thymic cyst, thyroglossal duct cyst, branchial cleft cyst, bronchogenic cyst, lymphangioma and parathyroid cyst (PC). Parathyroid cysts are rare and account for only 0.5% of all parathyroid pathologies. Case Report: A 30-year-old female with insidious onset anterior neck cystic swelling was diagnosed as benign parathyroid mass. Conclusion: Parathyroid cysts should be taken into consideration while evaluating asymptomatic neck masses.
Keywords : Biopsy, Neck, Parathyroid Diseases, Parathyroid Glands, Parathyroid Hormone.
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