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Journal of Case Reports
A Rare Cutaneous Lesion: Late-Onset Eccrine Angiomatous Hamartoma
Eyup Serhat Calik1, Sevilay Ozmen2, Ferhat Borulu1, Umit Arslan1, Bilgehan Erkut1
Departments of 1Cardiovascular Surgery and 2Pathology, Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine, Yakutiye/Erzurum, Turkey.
Corresponding Author:
Dr. Eyup Serhat Calik
Email: eyupserhatcalik@hotmail.com
Received: 25-APR-2021 Accepted: 04-AUG-2021 Published Online: 15-SEP-2021
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17659/01.2021.0051
Background: Eccrine angiomatous hamartoma is a rare lesion that resembles a cutaneous benign tumor. It is a combination of vascular structures and eccrine glands, and it may be present as a nodule or tumorous plaque on the dermis. We report this case because it is uncommon cutaneous lesion. Case Report: A 27-year-old man presented to our polyclinic with complaints of a painful tubercle in the left antecubital fossa. The tubercle had a firm consistency and had been growing for a couple of years. The hemangioma-like tubercle was completely excised. The histopathological diagnosis was eccrine angiomatous hamartoma, confirmed on immunohistochemistry. Conclusion: Eccrine angiomatous hamartoma is a rare benign non-neoplastic skin lesion that require treatment because of symptoms such as pain and hyperhidrosis and cosmetic reasons.
Keywords : Eccrine Glands, Hamartoma, Hemangioma, Hyperhidrosis, Immunohistochemistry, Pain.
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