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Journal of Case Reports
Naso-Ophthalmic Myiasis and Pubic Louse Infestation of Nose
Kavitha Duraipandi1, Nitin Gupta2, Anjana Karunakaran1, Pratibha Kale2, Sabin Dhaka1, Nishant Verma2, Bijay Ranjan Mirdha2
Departments of Ophthalmology1 and Microbiology2, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi- 110029, India.
Corresponding Author:
Dr. BR Mirdha
Email: mirdhabr2078@gmail.com
Received: 21-OCT-2015 Accepted: 07-DEC-2015 Published Online: 05-JAN-2016
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17659/01.2016.0001
A 15 year old girl presented to the emergency with complaints of foreign body sensation in eyes. Multiple translucent larvae were observed on the conjunctivae. A nasal cavity search also revealed similar larvae localised near the opening of nasolacrimal duct in the inferior meatus. They were identified as Oestrus ovis, which can affect humans causing cavitary myiasis, affecting eyes and rarely nose. In addition, presence of Pthirus pubis was also found in the nasal cavity. Pthirus pubis infestation has been reported from pubic hairs, axillary hairs, eyelashes, moustache and beard but never from the nasal cavity. This is a very rare case of concomitant ophthalmic and nasal myiasis along with pubic louse infestation of nasal cavity.
Keywords : Foreign Bodies, Larva, Myiasis, Nasal Cavity, Nasolacrimal Duct.
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