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Journal of Case Reports
Foreign Body Ingestion in a Patient with Psychiatric Illness
Tulit Chhabra, Satish Dalal, Mahavir Singh, Chisel Bhatia, Jagat Pal Beniwal 
Department of General Surgery, Pt. B. D. Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (P.G.I.M.S.), Rohtak-124001, Haryana, India.
Corresponding Author:
Dr. Chisel Bhatia 
Email: chiselbhatia@gmail.com

Received: 26-OCT-2017 Accepted: 15-FEB-2018 Published Online: 10-APR-2018
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17659/01.2018.0024
Background: There are many challenges in treating patients who engage in deliberate foreign-body ingestion as a method of self-harm. Whereas other forms of mutilation may be dangerous to patients and distressing to their treaters, foreign-body ingestion carries a sense of insidiousness in the lack of outward evidence that harm has been done and in the latent risk of further injury even after a diagnosis has been made. Case Report: Here we report a case of foreign body ingestion in a patient with psychiatric illness and discuss what is known about deliberate foreign-body ingestion and some of the clinical problems they pose, with a focus on medical literature regarding the diagnosis and treatment of such cases. Conclusion: Timely counseling and psychiatric support is essential for foreign body ingestions. 

Keywords : Endoscopy, Counseling, Foreign Bodies, Risk, Self-Injurious Behavior.
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