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Journal of Case Reports
Inflammatory Psuedotumor of Lung as a Space-Occupying Lesion in the Chest: A Diagnostic Challenge
Sriram Vijayapuri1, Sushma Krishna2, Shashidhar Buggi1 
Departments of 1Cardio-Vascular-Thoracic Surgery and 2Microbiology, SDS Tuberculosis Research Centre & Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, Bangalore, India.
Corresponding Author:
Dr. Sushma Krishna
Email: drsushmakrishna@gmail.com
Received: 14-MAY-2019 Accepted: 08-AUG-2019 Published Online: 20-AUG-2019
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17659/01.2019.0045
Background: Inflammatory pseudotumor of the lung is a rare benign tumor of the lung seen in pediatric age group. Case Report: We describe two cases of adolescents who presented with repeated episodes of recurrent respiratory tract infection from over six years. Chest X-ray and computerized tomography findings were provisionally indicative of intraparenchymal bronchopulmonary sequestration in the left lower lobe and right middle lobe respectively. Left thoracotomy with enucleation was carried out in one, while the other underwent right thoracotomy with debulking of the tumor. Excision biopsy in both confirmed the unanticipated diagnosis of inflammatory pseudotumour of the lung. Conclusion: This is a rare inflammatory non-neoplastic condition commonly affecting children and young adults, often posing a diagnostic challenge clinically, radiologically and pathologically.
Keywords : Biopsy, Broncopulmonary Sequestration, Chest X-ray, Granuloma, Lung, Plasma Cells.
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